Daily Prayer for the parish 


·       The church buildings in our parishes

·       Those who care for them

·       Caroline Redman, Church Treasurer

·       Joan Pettitt, PCC member


·       The Ingham industrial estate

·       Orchard Close, Great Livermere

·       Beauford Road, Ingham

·       Andrew Norburn, Church Warden & Magazine compiler.

·       John Milward, PCC Lay Vice-chair


·       Little Livermere

·       Church Road and The Birches, Great Livermere

·       Glebe Close, Ingham

·       Rev Tony Redman, Assistant Priest

·       Rosemary Boswell, Churchwarden


·       The Barracks at Ampton

·       Birds Croft, Great Livermere

·       Culford Road, Ingham

·       Lesley Norburn, Reader & Deanery Synod Rep.

·      Revd. Phillip Garbett, Team Rector


·       Ampton Village

·       Troston Road, Great Livermere

·       Ampton Road & Maltings Lane, Ingham

·       Margaret Hartley, Reader & Church Warden

·      Maria Foster-Clarke, PCC member


·       The Street, Great Livermere

·       School Gardens, Great Livermere

·       Priory Close, Ingham

·       John Wrigglesworth. PCC member & Deanery Synod Rep

·       Harriet Norburn, PCC Member


·       Ampton Hall

·       Mere View, Great Livermere

·       The Street, Ingham

·       Jim Hartley, PCC member

·       Jean Cook, organist & PCC member 

Please pray for


1 all going on holiday this month – for safe travel, rest and refreshment
2 the holiday clubs & beach missions organised during the holidays
3 Parish Prayers – and the Meditative prayer hour in Ingham
4 Morning Prayer – and the Town Pastors especially Lesley on duty tonight
5 the Baptism which will be part of the ‘Sm@11’service
6 the Holy Communion service at Gt Livermere and the ‘Sm@11’ service at Ingham
7 continuing good relationships between our churches and our communities
8 the Gt. Livermere Coffee Morning
9 the work of the Hospice and for Tony who is part of the Chaplaincy team
10 Parish Prayers – and for those who are finding it increasingly difficult to live on their own
11 Morning Prayer – the folk who live in Ampton
12 the Ingham Social Club Bingo and the fish & chip supper afterwards
13 the Morning Worship at Ingham church and the ‘Bring and Share’ lunch
14 the children and parents who are unable to have a holiday away from home – that they may find times of re-creation
15 Phillip, our Rector and his wife Ingrid
16 those who have been to weddings, baptisms or funerals in our churches this year
17 Parish Prayers - any in hospital or awaiting surgery or treatment
18 Morning Prayer – and the community of Gt. Livermere
19 the Quiz night in Gt Livermere Village hall
20 those who will be at the Gt Livermere Holy Communion and at the
‘Coffee’  time afterwards
21  the ‘Carers’ in our communities
22 the Bible Study group meeting in Ingham church this morning
23 the staff of Bury Christian Youth as they prepare for the new school term
24 Parish Prayers – pray that those who come to our services and activities will find a warm welcome and spiritual refreshment
25 Morning Prayer – and for all who have links with the church in Troston
26 the groups who plan and organise ‘social’ activities in Ingham, Gt Livermere and Troston
27 the Holy Communion service in Ingham and the Cafe Church in Troston.
28 It’s the last Bank holiday of the year. Pray that it will be a safe and relaxing one for all.
29 the Ingham Coffee Morning
30 our Church Wardens and for those who clean our churches
31 Parish Prayers - the self-supporting clergy, readers and elders in the team


Prayer Tips:

Why are we asking people to pray?

·       We want to encourage everybody to pray, and to pray specifically for the concerns of the parish, so that God’s love may work even more deeply in the hearts and minds of all of us living in these communities

·       God invites us to pray constantly, expecting Him to act.

·       It changes things.  When we pray, everything that is in us, the fear, the worry, the concern, the doubt and the lack of faith rises to the surface where God can change it through his love.

How should we pray?

·       Any way you like!  Most people find it easier to pray quietly, on their own, somewhere where they will not be disturbed.  But it could be in the bath or out for a walk or in the garden.  It could be over a cup of tea with some friends.  It is entirely up to you.

·       Prayer should be a joy not a duty, focussed time spent with the One who loves us.  Don’t set yourself too big a target - five minutes on as many days as you can manage is fine.

·       As you pray for a road or a person, try to imagine them in your mind.  Think about what might be going on in their lives or in that part of the community. Just hold them before God.  If you know anybody that lives in the road you are praying about, ask God to bless them.  If you know of any specific concerns that people have weave them into your prayers.

·       If you have any concerns or you would like to know more about ways of praying, speak to one of the readers or Caroline Redman.  ( phone numbers in parish magazine )

find a quiet secluded spot and shut the door just be there as simply and as honestly as you can. The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace”

 Matthew Ch 6 v 6, adapted from “The Message” translation.