Team Rector -Revd Phillip Garbett

The Vicarage

Commister Lane


IP31 2HE

Tel:- 01359 234415


Well, I’m of average height, follically challenged (age and three daughters you understand) and have a good sense of humour.  I’m married to Ingrid who is a Macmillan nurse.  Our three daughters all live in Ipswich.  Philippa, our eldest, is married and has two adorable daughters.  Beckie is studying for a degree in wildlife conservation at Otley College, where Naomi, our youngest, is a lecturer.

I hail from Plymouth, leaving in 1972 to explore my vocation.  I spent 2 years at Oak Hill Theological College in north London (where Ingrid and I met), followed by 3 years on the staff of a church in the east end (where we had our first home).  I began training with Church Army at its London college in 1977 and was commissioned as an evangelist in 1980.  I worked in two parishes, (Wimborne 1980 and St John’s, Ipswich, 1984) before working as Diocesan Adviser in Youth and Children’s work in this diocese in 1989.  I was ordained in 1997 and served my curacy in the South West Ipswich Team Ministry, after which I moved to my present Team Vicar post in Felixstowe in Nov 2000.  Over the years I’ve enjoyed a variety of additional work, both local and national – principally for the Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS), the Church Army, St Elizabeth’s Hospice and Suffolk Police Chaplaincy.

As to my age, a suitable bribe of a pint of good ale would answer that one!

Ingrid and I enjoy a number hobbies but bird watching, walking, motor homing, motorcycling, keeping hens and fishing (Phillip only at the moment!) are favourite.