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The parish of Ingham with Ampton and Great and Little Livermere is a united parish covering four villages with three parish churches, two of which are in regular use.

Ingham is the largest village with a population of approx. 400. The A134 Bury St Edmunds to Thetford road divides the village, with the pub, shop and church on one side and the majority of the (mostly post war) housing on the other. There has been a recent new development adding 25 houses, mostly rental properties.  In a recent survey we discovered that there are 42 businesses registered in the village, these include a large farm and haulage business, a small business park and a number of self-employed people working from home. 

Great Livermere has about 190 people in a mixture of estate, council and private housing, with a large farm and a game shooting business in the village. It also has a recently refurbished village hall which is well used and is a focus for village social activities.

Ampton has a population of about 70 and is an estate village with the owners living at Ampton Hall.

Little Livermere is also part of the Ampton Estate and is a very disparate village with about 30 people in estate and council houses.  Little Livermere church is now in ruins.

In the whole parish, those who are employed mostly work outside the villages in Bury St Edmunds, Thetford or further afield.   Many of our residents, particularly in Ampton and the Livermeres, are retired or unwaged.

Ingham church building is used both as place of worship and as a community space,
the only one the village has and, in addition to some of the Church run activities outlined below, it also hosts a successful monthly community café, serving a hot three-course lunch to over 30 people, and a weekly “Cuppa ‘n Chat” to reach out to people feeling isolated. 

On three Sundays in each month, services alternate between Ingham and Great Livermere churches with about half the congregation moving between the churches.  Ampton is only used occasionally for Sunday services.   

Common Worship Morning Prayer is said on a Friday morning in each of the churches by rotation and the one in Ampton is particularly well attended.  

There is a monthly Sm@11 (Sunday morning at 11) service at Ingham, an all age service which has a gifted and inventive lay led planning team and which attracts people who do not come to other services.  Attendance is usually over 30.  

Messy Church is held four times a year in Ingham Church, attracting about 10 children and 16 adults.   With no schools in the parish we find it a challenge to build relationships with children and families.  

Special occasions such as Remembrance Sunday, Mothering Sunday and Harvest are used as opportunities to attract people who do not come regularly and we continue to grow the fringe of Church life in various ways – through pastoral contact, due to funerals or baptisms, through personal friendships and social gatherings, using every opportunity we can to provide opportunities for relationships to develop in a relaxed environment.  

The Ingham coffee mornings, held in the church, are very successful and much appreciated. 

We have a Shrove Tuesday pancake party in Great Livermere where large quantities of pancakes are cooked and consumed.  Last year over 50 people attended this event.  Church shared lunches are held during the summer months in homes (or mostly gardens) of members of the congregation.  A Harvest lunch and Christmas lunch are held in Ingham church with 30-40 people bringing food to share and sitting down to a “proper” hot Christmas lunch.  

The provision of food and drink after various services is an important aspect of our fellowship and we ensure this extends to appropriately festive refreshment after all the Christmas Carol Services so that people stay and chat.  

Church members also host and cater for the monthly Men’s Breakfast which is a Team event and attracts an average of about 25 men from across the Team. 

There are two lively, ecumenical study groups which include people from outside the parish. 

At Easter, we have a prayer labyrinth in Ingham Church, which provides a very memorable experience for all who visit.  There are prayer “trees” in all the Churches, for people to leave prayer requests and we produce a monthly leaflet with suggestions for prayer each day.  A Team meditative prayer hour, of silent prayer with scripture verses to reflect on, is held in Ingham church each month.  As a parish we join in Thy Kingdom Come, the Archbishop’s call to prayer, including praying round the homes in each village, praying for people by name where we know them.  

We produce a monthly parish magazine, “Living”, which includes both Church and village news and is circulated to about 300 homes in the villages.

We have a parish Facebook page at @InghamAmptonLivermereChurch and a Messy Church Facebook page at @InghamMessyChurch, as well as a parish Twitter page @IngAmpLiv  

As a Church community we seek to be outward looking and believe in the importance of prayer to underpin all we do.   We believe in being welcoming and friendly, in building relationships and in having fun.