Bardwell, St Peter and St Paul

Although there was probably a Christian place of worship in Bardwell village before the Norman Conquest the first written record of a church is in the Domesday Survey in 1068. This was not the church we see today as it was most likely made of wood or lath and plaster with a thatch roof but it was modestly endowed with 8 acres. There is no documentary evidence to say when the building in Bardwell today was built but the styles employed in its construction give us clues. The lofty narrow nave with its thin walls and matching two-light windows tell us that the building took place from the late 1300's to the early 1400's. The roof is dated 1421. The tower and porch are of about the same date as the nave. The chancel was almost completely rebuilt and its floor lowered in1853.  

The building has features of national and international significance, including a hammer-beam roof and mediaeval stained-glass including the portrayal of Sir William de Berdewell.

If you are ever near Bardwell, please do visit. The church is open daily, usually between 10am - 4pm.
You can be sure of a warm welcome! 

You will find more information on Bardwell church website Bardwell Church


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