The Parish of FAKENHAM MAGNA alternatively and confusingly known as 'Little Fakenham', Fakenham Magna is a small Suffolk 'estate' village, now of some sixty dwellings, whose origins date to a 9th century Saxon settlement although there is evidence of nearby Roman and pre-Roman occupation.

With no shop nor Pub and a long-closed village school, the main feature of Fakenham Magna today is the parish church of St Peter.

Listed Grade I, St Peter's is probably the oldest church within the Blackbourne Team. With a nave probably dating from the late 10th C. and retaining its same width throughout 13th and 14th century additions of the Chancel and Tower, the whole church was extensively restored in 1859 at which time the thatched roof was replaced by its present one of tiles.

Today the church has a small organ, of limited range, and the tower has three bells of 16th & 17th C. founding which, because of the deteriorating bell-frame, have not been rung as a peel since 1959.

Our monthly Songs of Praise is reasonably well attended but, with an adult population in the village of only 110, a dwindling and ageing congregation is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain not only the fabric of the church but its active life.