• A prayer for the season

    Heavenly Father, as once again 
    we prepare for Christmas, 
    help us to find time in our lives 
    for quiet and thought and prayer, 
    that we may reflect upon 
    the wonder of your love 
    and allow the story of 
    the Saviour’s birth 
    to penetrate our hearts and minds. 
    So may our joy be deeper, 
    our worship more real, 
    and our lives worthier of all 
    that you have done for us 
    through the coming of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Welcome to the Blackbourne Team website. 

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We are a team of eight parishes

  • Bardwell, 
  • Barnham, 
  • Euston, 
  • Fakenham, 
  • Honington with Sapiston, 
  • Ingham with Ampton & Gt & Lt Livermere, 
  • Ixworth with Ixworth Thorpe, 
  • Troston.

We are in the Ixworth Deanery of the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich. 

We are situated in a rural part of north Suffolk and midway between two major East Anglian towns, Bury St Edmunds and Thetford. 

Our aim is to worship God; to encourage people to meet with our Lord Jesus Christ and  discover forgiveness and fulness of life; to enable people to grow deeper in faith, understanding and love; to teach the Bible as relevant to our lives today; to equip people to serve God in the whole of their lives.



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Where are we?

The Team takes its name from the Blackbourne River, which rises near Ixworth and crosses into Norfolk from the parish of Euston, there to be swallowed into the Little Ouse. The river was a vital element in the farming scene of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries since it powered no fewer than five mills, one of which still grinds corn.

The villages within the team are served by a wide variety of minor roads and lie mostly between two A-class highways running more or less south to north, one coming from Bury St Edmunds and the other from Ipswich, meeting at Thetford over the county boundary in Norfolk. The Icknield Way long-distance footpath crosses the Team area at its northern end and there are many other footpaths along historic routes linking ancient settlements.